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  • Scraper   Grill  Prince Castle  613-a

    Scraper Grill Prince Castle 613-a

    613-A Prince Castle - Grill Scraper.Grill Scraper. This ergonomically designed grill scraper is great for scraping away excess grease particles and other food deposits. It comes with a hand guard that protects the operator's hand from the top platen of...

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  • Scoop  Clear  64oz   Cambro

    Scoop Clear 64oz Cambro

    Cambro Camwear SCP64CW135 Clear Polycarbonate 64 oz. Scoop This Cambro Camwear SCP64CW135 clear polycarbonate 64 oz. scoop is ideal for use with Cambro ice caddies and ingredient bins. Its strong, polycarbonate design will not dent, chip, or rust under...

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